Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Download FREE: VPET Gen1 App for iPhone

VPET Gen1 is a game based on the retro classic virtual pet games from the 90's, like the Tamagotchi's and Digimon 'Digital Monsters' devices.

Because of the launch of a new VPET game, VPET Slide - (FREE), you can for a limited time download VPET Gen1 for FREE!

Like the classics, in VPET Gen1, you'll have to care for your virtual pet by; feeding, training, battling, and yes - cleaning up after it! The game also has the same 3-button controls; Action, Select and Cancel.

The graphics of the game stay true to the low quality 8-bit plain black graphic look. If you did not grow up in the 90's, you will be shocked at the games graphics. And probably won't be able to make out what's going on. Yes, we've come a long way...

'VPET Gen1' is currently free until June 20th 2014! A saving of $0.99 USD. Download now for FREE from the iTunes App Store.     


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