Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bobo Returns In 'Pop Numbers 2' For iPhone and iPad - App Review

As requested on Twitter (@AppsReviewed1), thanks for the tweet! Today's review is Pop Numbers 2 Fun Quiz Challenge for all ages By Tentacle Solutions Limited.

This is the second game of Pop Numbers, which sees the return of Bobo, who is judging from the app's icon - a scary looking clown.

Pop Numbers 2 is a maths game! Not my favorite subject, so this is perfect - lets improve some skills.

 Launching the app, opens with logo in a frame, Bobo in a circle in the top corner, a red and white stripped background, and small advertisement on the bottom.

"Click here to start". Two options; "Kids" or ">18". Lets choose ">18", see what this app will do for adults.

Okay we start at level 1. Tap the arrow to continue. Ahh! a math question! Okay so am I supposed to type the answer... no. I tapped the screen and am taken to a bunch of rising bubbles with numbers. There's also a 'stop, I'm done button.' I get the feeling I'm supposed to choose numbers that will add up to the correct answer... I messed that one up. But now I know how to play!

I tap "next" and it says "Go again? ... All you need is 10,000 credits! Currently you have 0. You can purchase 50,000 credits for just $1.29." Two buttons I can press - "Yes Go On!" or "No Thanks". No Thanks!

Back at the starting screen. "Click here to start". Lets try again. I chose the kids option this time, to see what this app has to offer kids. Get a simple task - get over the number 8. Choose Red bubbles only. Tap on a few red bubbles with high numbers and done. Simple. A bit of criticism, the bright red writing on the blue background, not so great.

So I completed the first level, got 500 points. Lets move on to the next one.

Level 2. Get over 10. Don't click red. Tapped blue circle with number 19. Tap done. 710 points. Next. Level 3. Over 6, less than 6 bubbles. Simple... Over nine, odd-even numbers. After two clicks, done... Next was a math problem. You have to find numbers that will add up to the correct answer.

I get the general idea of the game. You get a problem to solve, and then tap the bubbles to make the correct answer.

As a game for kids, I can see it being useful. My problems with this game is the design isn't very polished. Try reading the question in the image above. Does that look good to you? The overall graphics and design of the game is not great. And the creepy clown doesn't help either. Maybe get a likable character, not one you want to kick in the nuts and run the other way from.  I also don't like how the app 'suggests' to kids to buy more coins to continue, either.

So that's my opinion. My message to the developers - look at other apps, looks at designs and color schemes that work for others, get some inspiration and then redesign this app.

Pop Numbers 2 is FREE and designed for iPhone and iPad. Download from the Apple App Store.  

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