Friday, June 13, 2014

Best Brazil 2014 World Cup Info/Result App For iPhone

The Official FIFA World Cup app is great... But! There is an app that I prefer more. When it comes to simplicity, a more iOS 7 look and interface, Brazil Live 2014 by Sportsmate Mobile Pty LTD is a lot better.

If your on Android or iPad, doesn't seem to be available for yous, but iPhone users - if you don't like the FIFA app - try out this one! Oh, and it's FREE!

'Brazil Live 2014' by Sportsmate Mobile contains all the features you'd except to cover the World Cup. You have:

News, Videos, Schedule of Play, Leader board, Team / Player information, Stats, Chat, Favorite Team, Push notifications for; Match alerts, Half-Time & Full-Time scores.

'Brazil Live 2014' is an awesome app. It's the best alternative to the Official FIFA app.

'Brazil Live 2014' is FREE to download and is available for iPhone, from the Apple iTunes App Store


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