Friday, June 20, 2014

Absorb Fire To Grow & Survive in 'Ferno' For iOS - App Review

By Backflip Studios

iOS (iPhone / iPad)

Play as a ring of fire in the hot game Ferno, by Backflip Studios! A fun casual playing game that once you pick up - you won't want to place down.

In 'Ferno', you control a ring of fire - drag the ring around the screen to absorb fire to grow and survive, while dodging the purple (blackholes?). Collect points by absorbing - and bank them by letting go of the screen causing your ring to explode in flames. The more fire you hang on to - the more points you'll gain, but if you get hit before you bank - you'll lose them all.

The game features an endless amount of levels, Game Center to compare scores, friend challenges, and more...

The game plays in landscape mode on a iPhone. A simple, fun, relaxing game that everyone can enjoy.

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