Monday, June 23, 2014

3 Best Free 'Ball and Cup' Catching Games for iPhone and iPad

One of the latest new trends in the App Store is 'ball catching' games. These games usually feature around 100(+) balls that'll fall from the top, and a glass cup or jar to catch them in.

After the popularity of the first ball catching game, many developers have built their own take on the game. Here are, what I think is the best, 'Cup and Ball' games in the App Store.

100 Balls
By Giedrius Talzunas

This game features, as the title suggest 100 balls falling through a nozzle into glasses rotating around the screen. The aim is to catch the balls into the cups, which then gets added back to the top - where it'll fall back down again. If you miss catching a ball into a glass, the glass will fall off the conveyer belt and the ball will be lost. Once you run out of balls, the game is over.

100 Gumballs plus Mini Games
By Bonfire Media

In this Gumball game features a very similar game play to the first mentioned app. But unlike the first, 100 Gumballs also features 6 additional mini-games that use the 100 balls in different ways!

The extra games are:

Leaky Bucket.
See Saw.
Simon Says.
Flappy Balls.

All the fun of 100 Balls, and a lot more!

Catch The Balls 
By Ketchapp

This game is divided into levels. With a more animated gameplay than the first two games, a cup will drop balls from the sky through obstacles. You must catch the balls in the cup below by dragging the cup from side to side of the screen.

The level worlds include; background of a forrest, snow, volcano, and darkness.

This game also features a '300 Balls Mode', which is like a pachinko game, but with 300 falling balls.


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