Monday, May 26, 2014

The 'iPhone 6' As Voted By YOU The Public - Results

Over the last few weeks I've asked certain question related to what you, the readers, think the next iPhone should look like. Firstly, thank you to all readers from here and the Polar app members who voted. Now the results are in! It's time to add all the data together and determine what YOUS would want the next iPhone design to be like.

Does the iPhone 6 really need a bigger screen? Is this something people really want? Or is this want just made up by the media? 

The poll says: It's definitely a want of the people. 87.5% agree that 4 inches - is too small! 

So, if the iPhone should have a bigger screen, what size should it be? There are rumors of two new sizes for the iPhone 6. A 5.5 inch version, and a 4.7 inch iPhone. Most agree that the 4.7 inch is the most likely to be released, but a larger 5 inch plus could be coming at a later date. But what would you buy? The 4.7 inch? Or the 5+ inch iPhone? 

Surprisingly, at least to me, it turns out half (50%) of the people who voted, either have really big hands, or they just want to use their iPhone like an iPad Mini. That leaves the other 50% thinking a 4.7 inch screen is big enough! 

For the darker black version of the iPhone, which color was better? The Slate/Black or the Black and Space-Gray? 

The results say: 72% prefer the Black and Slate iPhone. Not much love for the Space-Gray

With rumors the next iPhone could be going crazy-thin, maybe somewhere around 6-7mm, (iPhone 5s is 7.6mm), some people commented on various websites that they would rather a bigger battery than a thinner iPhone. So from my poll, how many agreed that an improved battery is more import than thinness?

That would be a landslide of 96%!  

If the iPhone has a bigger screen, the whole phone will likely be bigger as well... will it be comfortable to hold? Or should the next generation iPhone have a more curved edge? Similar to the original iPhone, the iPhone 5c, or even the current iPod Touch...

The consensus does not seem to be a fan of the curves. Just more than half - at around 61% - like the sharply cut edges seen on the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. 

And lastly, for fun - even though it's still just a rumored device, that we know nothing for sure about... if Apple released an iWatch, would you buy one? 

Apple definitely has some convincing to do. 50% voted "Yes". But the other half wasn't that convinced that wearables are the next "big" thing.  

So what do all these results say about the iPhone? Well it seems, not many people liked the lighter Space-Gray option. Most people don't like the curves of the iPhone 5c, iPhone 3G(S) and original iPhone. And they want a better battery, over a thinner phone... 

It turns out, in terms of iPhone design, the winner for the past and future iPhone's to be modeled off, seems to be - the iPhone 5! apparently just needs a bigger screen. 

*Poll results are based off the numbers, at time of publish.

What do you of these results? Does the iPhone 5 have the best smartphone design? What would you change? Or, what else would you like to see in the next iPhone? Let us know your opinion, in the comments.


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