Saturday, May 24, 2014

'QuizFace: Celeb Picture Trivia Quiz' - For iPhone - App Review

QuizFace: Celeb Picture Trivia Quiz

'QuizFace' is a iOS application designed for iPhone, iPod Touch, that quizzes your facial recognition of celebrities. 

Featuring a streak of 300 quizzes, 'QuizFace',  distorts a picture of a famous celebrity, and gives you four names/options to choose from, with a time limit of 10 seconds per image. The challenge is to see how many celebrities you can answer in a row before getting one wrong, up to the max of 300.  

The game is quite simple to play. Identify the celebrity and tap the correct name in the boxes below. Like the example image above, once you recognize the celebrity is Miley Cyrus, you would tap her name and not the wrong one - like in the picture. 

If you get stuck on a quiz, QuizFace offers a bit of help. With these helpers you can; remove the distortion effect, remove a couple of wrong answers, or skip to the next level. These helpers are given out while playing and can also be bought in packs for real money. 

Also, if you answer a quiz wrong and want to continue from your current position, instead of restarting from quiz 1, you can buy a continue for $0.99 USD. I personally, would not buy this, as 99 cents for continuing a game from a certain level doesn't seem worth it. If you really are desperate and want to make it through the 300 quizzes and need help, maybe consider purchasing one of the helper packs... 

QuizFace: Celeb Picture Trivia Quiz is FREE to download, contains in-app purchases, and is available to download for iOS (designed for iPhone) devices from the iTunes App Store


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