Friday, May 30, 2014

Is This The Real Back Shell Of The iPhone 6?! [PHOTO]

Macfixit, an Australian Apple upgrades and accessory store, has obtained a photo of what could be the back cover of the iPhone 6. Macfixit claims they received the photo from their contact in China.

This case, which is wrapped in a green plastic cover, looks like it could be the real deal. It's bigger, seems to be for a 4.7" screen. It looks like all the rumors. Of course it could just be a really well made fake based on all the 'leaked' rumors of the iPhone 6.

There are still the noticeable differences that make this iPhone mockup hard to believe - like the Camera flash circular, instead of pill shaped like on the iPhone 5s. Did Apple find a way to make the two-tone flash in one circle? Or maybe, we are actually looking at the iPhone 6c?

One thing I like from the image is that the Apple logo is cut out of the shell. Hopefully this means that Apple will include a luminous Apple logo on the iPhone 6, like on the Macbooks. Another possibility could be that this cut out logo could have a NFC chip behind it. Although Apple has not been a fan of the NFC technology in the past. Lets just hope it won't be just a plain piece of plastic.

We'll known for sure later this year (likely September) when Tim Cook and crew are expected to take to the stage to show off the real iPhone 6

Click here to see the photo and post on the Macfixit website.


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