Saturday, May 31, 2014

Endless Arcade Racing - Traffic Racer - iPhone, iPad & Android Game - App Review

Traffic Racer
By Soner Kara

Traffic Racer is a endless arcade racing game for iOS (designed for iPhone and iPad) and Android.

Drive around the streets at high speeds, dodging around and in-between other vehicles on the road. The longer you last, and the most impressive the drive, the more points and cash you earn. Cash can be used to upgrade your vehicle and purchase others.

Traffic Racer features 3D graphics. Touch and Tilt controls. 21 different cars to unlock. 4 different stages, including suburbs, desert, city at night, and snow.

There are four different game modes. Endless - drive until you crash. Two-way - cars go in both directions. Time Trial - Drive with 90 seconds on the clock. And Free Ride - drive just for fun.

There are also Achievements and Game Center Leaderboards.

Cars featured in the game have the 'looks' of real life cars like; Mitsubishi Evolution, Dodge Charger, Subaru Impreza, Toyota Supra, Nissan Skyline, Mercedes, Landrover, A Truck, BMW M5, and the Audi A5.

The game is fun to play. Game graphics are pretty good and look 3D. Controls are easy to use and have different options to suit how you'd like to play. The games menu graphics are a little lacking and could use some improvements - but I'm sure you wont be hanging around there for long. The in-game money can take a while to gather up. Cars and other tracks (like the City-Night track) have to be purchased. To buy the really 'cool' cars, you'll need to play the game A LOT, or buy cash with real money.

Traffic Racer is available for iOS (currently FREE, from $0.99) & Android (FREE). 


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