Saturday, May 17, 2014

Download Atomic+ (Plus) FREE For Today - iOS (iPhone/iPad) Game

Atomic+ by Ahmed Khalifa is a iOS (iPad/iPhone) game that is as challenging as it is fun.  It's a simple looking game with the difficulty of games like Flappy Bird and dEXTRIS.

In the game, you control the circle and the distance of the orbit around the center. It is your mission to collect or absorb the squares, while dodging the little flying circles (bullets). As you get hit, you collect damage. When your damage bar is full, it's game over.

The game includes difficulty settings and different control settings.  Background sounds features electronic atmosphere techno music, which it was even nominated for Best in Sound Design at Indie Prize.

Atomic+ is currently FREE for the day, a saving of $1.99 USD. Download the game for iOS (iPhone/iPad) from the iTunes App Store Page.


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