Friday, May 23, 2014

'Adventure Beaks' Penguin Runner Game For iPhone, iPad & Android - App Review

Adventure Beaks by GameResort is a fun 2-D penguin runner game for iOS and Android devices. 

In Adventure Beaks, you play as a team of penguins, exploring ancient ruins and the exotic lands of Antarctica, and the Jungle, with 50 levels, 16 challenges, and 150 missions!

The game is also really cool, as you can customize your team. You can name each penguin, and dress them up with 198 different clothing items, that you can collect and buy.

The game is a runner, divided into levels. Each level has items and bonuses to collect. The main goal is to collect artifact pieces in each level that join together to form an ancient cube with hieroglyphics.

The controls uses touch gestures to; jump, slide, and dive, through the level. Each levels has traps, different paths, enemies, and plenty of things to collect.

The penguins are awesome, how can you not like them?! The game is fun, and challenging. The ability to customize your team is cool, and can give the penguins more personality and character.

Adventure Beaks is FREE to download (contains in-app purchases), and is available for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android


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