Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Best 8 Ball Pool Game For iPhone, iPad & Android Devices

A few months ago I was looking for the best pool game for iOS and Android devices. In this search, I found and reviewed the app 'Shark Party Pool', and wasn't very impressed with the game. There was a lot of connection issues, the game used coins and was stingy about giving them out.

Recently I came across another game which has been out since Feb. 2013. It's called 8 Ball Pool™ and it's by

8 Ball Pool claims to be the "World's #1 Pool game", and I'd believe it. This game features online modes. You can play as a guest, or sign-in through Facebook, or use your Miniclip account to play. You can verse other players from all around the world.

8 Ball Pool does use coins (in-game) to play the game. There is a low paying round of only 25 coins. And with daily free spins to win more coins, and with wining coins - if you win games, you'll have more than enough coins to play a lot of games per day.

There are 1-vs-1 matches, or tournaments. The play modes are unlocked by your game level.  There are a bunch of in-game purchasable items, like cue sticks, and power-ups available to buy with your coins, or with real money, but they are not necessary.

You can challenge your friends, if you play using the Facebook or Miniclip login methods.

The games graphics are pretty good. The physics seems about right... I have seen a few connection issues, but they usually resolve themselves.  You get a profile, which contains stats on your performance. I'd like to see maybe more different stats added, other than just win/loss ratios.  The game is fun, and addicting. As I mentioned earlier, you really don't need to spend real money to play. The game provides enough coins, in my opinion.

This is the best Pool game I've played on a iOS device. Highly recommend it to anyone else looking for a quality, fun, online pool game.

8 Ball Pool™By is FREE to download, and is available for iOS (Designed for iPhone and iPad) and Android devices.


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