Thursday, March 13, 2014

Poll: iPhone Edging - Sharp Edge or Curved Edge? Which Do You Prefer?

Wanted to see everyone's opinion on this topic. What type of edge do you prefer on the iPhone? A sharp edge, like on the current iPhone 5s, and since the iPhone 4. Or a curved edge, as seen on the original iPhone, iPhone 3G/S, and iPhone 5c?

While the sharper edge on the iPhone does look cool, I feel that the more curved edge makes the iPhone feel much better to hold. The sharp edge means you can stand your iPhone up, or on its side... I have never done/ or needed to do this.

So what's your opinion? Curved, or sharp? What type of edge would you want on the iPhone 6? Vote in the poll (thanks to app Polar) below, and leave us your comments below! If the poll doesn't load below, you can vote here.

1 comment:

  1. Curved is much nicer to hold.


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