Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Password Protect Images / Files, Access Cloud Accounts, & More, with All-in-one App 'Files United' For iPhone & iPad

Files United by Zuhanden GmbH, is a all-in-one file manager. With two apps, available from the iTunes App Store and Mac App Store, for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) and Mac computers.

Files United lets you access local files stored in the app, your Dropbox account, or Drive, or, SugarSync,and/or, SkyDrive. All from the one app.

Files United also makes it easy to transfers files to and from a computer with their companion Mac app. The app can also access; FTP servers, WiFi Connect or SMB (Windows/Mac/NAS).

You can also view your files from within the app, with their inbuilt document viewer and media player.

You can protect your files with a PIN or password. So whether you want to protect photos or confidential documents from prying eyes, Files United will keep them secured.  

The U.I. (user interface) of Files United is based on the iOS 7 look and feel. It really matches well with the stock iOS 7 apps.

Files United can support many different types of files, including; Microsoft Office documents, PDF files, JPG's and other types of images, Music and Video files, Websites, and even Zip Files.

As for functionality, if you were to use Files United to store images in one of the folders, the images viewer is not the smoothest. Swiping through images, pinch and zooming, is a little rough and sharp. Not like the default images viewer on iOS. There were sometimes that images also went to black when swiped onto them. Also there is no gallery 'thumbnail' view, you will have to do with only a list of files.

Viewing PDF files seemed to work file. It was a smooth, good experience. You can also print from the app, or open the file into other apps that support the file, installed on your iDevice.

Videos and other media files also seem to work okay.

Importing files from your iOS device's Photo's folder, takes a few steps that a little unexplanatory. You need to go to the Image Gallery, then open edit, select files, and then press the copy button (which is the two overlapping squares), then choose the folder you want to store the file(s), and tap 'Copy here'. A few steps that you may not 'get' straight away.

To transfer files to the app from your Mac, you will need the companion app for Mac OS X. You can't use iTunes File Sharing, as it gives you a permissions error. You could work around this using Cloud apps however.

All-in-all, Files United is a useful file manager. It gives you the access you need to all your cloud storages, all from one app. It can store files, like photos, videos and documents, locally, with password or PIN protection. The UI makes the app look apart of iOS 7. And it's Mac companion app helps making transferring files from Computer to iOS, even easier. If you hate having to switch between a bunch of different apps to view all your files, check out Files United.

Files United is priced at $2.99 for iOS (designed for iPhone & iPad) and $1.99 for the Mac app.


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