Thursday, March 6, 2014

Listen To Linkin Park's Brand New Single "Guilty All The Same" Now!

Linkin Park has premiered worldwide their newest single, titled, "Guilty All The Same", on the app, Shazam. The almost 6 minute song, is a departure from their previous record's sound - for dare we say, a more heavy, aggressive sound - similar to their older albums, Hybrid Theory and Meteora.

"Guilty All The Same", is missing one thing. Mike (Shinoda) rapping. The new single features rapper, Rakim, alongside singer, Chester Bennington.

How To Listen To Linkin Park's New Single, "Guilty All The Same". 
1. To listen to the new single, download the Shazam app, if you haven't got it installed already.
2. Then play and Shazam any Linkin Park song. (Castle of Glass is embedded below).
3. Then tap on "Listen to the New Single".


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