Tuesday, March 11, 2014

iOS 7.1 is Here! What They Changed: Removed Full Screen Caller ID Photo, Calendar List View, UI Tweaks, Faster Animations, & More...

Apple released software update iOS 7.1 today for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. Here is some new information about the new features and changes in the update. For how to update your device to the new version, see the previous post.

This post will not include all changes in iOS 7.1, but more of the noticeable changes.

Changes In iOS 7.1:

Caller ID Photos:
- In iOS for awhile now we've had full screen caller ID photos. You recieve a phone call, and if you had a photo associated with the contact, there image would show. In iOS 7.1, this is no-longer the case. Now the persons image is only shown in a tiny circle on the right of the screen, next to there name, with a empty blurry background. There seems to be no option to change this behavior. Really Apple? Have you been receiving calls from people who you don't want full screen images of, showing on your screen?

Phone App Buttons:
- Also in the Phone app, some small U.I. button changes, like the Answer/End call buttons are now round.

- Calendar now features a new option to show your day events listed in the month view, similar to how it was in iOS 6.
- Also you may see that Apple has chosen to automatically subscribe you to a U.S. Holiday's calendar. This can be unchecked in the 'Calendars' section.

- When setting a wallpaper, you now have the option to turn off the parallax (Perspective Zoom) effect.

U.I. Tweaks:
- Among the user interface tweaks are: Greens are now slightly darker. For example, the Messages icon.
- There is a new 'Turn Off' device screen.
- Control Center appears lighter and now has a little bounce added to the slide-in animation.
- The Keyboard has also received tweaks. The writing is now more bolder and the gray background has also slightly changed. Also the Shift key button has gotten a color change. Now when on, the key's background will be white with a black arrow. When Caps-lock is on, arrow will have a underline.

- All the animation in iOS 7.1 are a lot more faster then in the previous version. It really makes the device seem faster.

- Added to accessibility is new visual options. Button shapes, can make a background to show that text is a button.
- Increase Contrast has got a few new features including; 'Darken Colors', which make certain colors like the Blue Button text darker. And there's 'Reduce White Point', which makes all the 'white' a bit darker.

What do you think of iOS 7.1? Great improvements? Or epic fail? Let us know in the comments.


  1. That new Caller ID screen is crap! I want the full screen images back! iOS 7.1 is definitely a EPIC FAIL!

    1. So agree with you!!!!!

    2. Post feedback at apple site. Apple rep I spoke with said that's the only way they'll listen mad bring back full screen in next upgrade. It's takes 2 minutes.

    3. Exactly an EPIC FAIL!!! I want my full screen caller pictures back!

    4. Exactly I don't want to receive crop image of my contacts
      get back to old as it was

  2. I definitely agree this was a major fail on Apple doing. I just upgraded to a iphone 5s. I was going to switch to the Samsung S4, but after this flop, I'm glad I'm still within my 30 day grace period. Goodbye iPhone.. Steve Jobs is rolling over in his grave right now..

  3. Like everyone else, I miss the full-size caller-id pictures. In order to get even the new tiny caller-id pictures to show, I had to delete, and then re-add, each contact with their picture.

  4. You can contact and give Apple your feedback about the iPhone and iOS 7.1 through this webpage: http://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html

  5. I sent my feedback to Apple...ready to ditch my iPhone because they got rid of the full-screen caller ID. It's like they took a step backwards with this feature : (

  6. I really liked the full screen picture ID - is there any way I get reset my phone to get it back?

  7. because fo full screen caller id i bought Iphone 5s ..now that option is not there.. its very bad...now i am planing to sell my 10days old iphone...

  8. The picture is so small that it is almost a waste! Poor upgrade!

  9. The caller id is utter crap....plz fix this..!!

  10. Please put full screen caller ID back!!!!! I am considering leaving Apple........

  11. This change failed, failed, failed. MISERABLY.

  12. I hate the new small caller ID photo and the name scrolling across the top. It's too small to see unless I have my glasses on. PLEASE!!!!!! change it back. Worst update.

  13. Plz update as per old caller id screen only plzzz

  14. I waited as long as I possibly could before updating, as I heard so much negative feedback. But I had no choice but update last week, because FaceTime no longer worked for me. And everyone was right....it's awful. I absolute HATE everything about the new platform. No more full screen pictures - Fail. Smaller round buttons instead of bigger square buttons in phone - Fail. New calendar format - Epic fail. Tweaks to how maps are handled - Fail. Tweaks to navigating between pages in Safari - Fail. I could go on and on, but the list is too long. Bring back IOS 6!


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