Monday, March 3, 2014

How To Fix: "Google Safe Browsing Service is Unavailable" Error in Safari - Mac Tip

If you look in your Security settings in Safari on your Mac computer, and see a warning that says, "The Google Safe Browsing Service is unavailable."  You'd probably feel a little concerned. This feature is apart of the Fraudulent sites protection in Safari. The list is provided by Google. 

I'm not sure why Safari gets this error, but it seems to be a problem with the database file, and there's a fix you can do, to get the Google Safe Browsing Service updated and working again. 

The culprit is the SafeBrowsing.db file. If you delete the database, Safari will reset the file. 

How To Fix: "Google Safe Browsing Service is Unavailable" Error in Safari 

1. On the Finder Menubar, click "Go".
2. Then click, "Go to Folder..."
3. Type in: /private/var/folders 
4. There will be a few folders, open them up and look for a folder with files.
5. Find, and open the folder named, 
6. In this folder, there should be a file named, SafeBrowsing.db.
7. Send the SafeBrowsing.db file to the Trash. This will force Safari to rebuild the file. 
8. This should fix the problem. But check back again, a few days later, and see if there are no more errors. *Note, the file doesn't seem to be updated every day. 

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  1. Thank you this was very helpful!

  2. That folder doesn't even exist in my MacBook Pro (only a year old). ?

  3. i fixed the date on my computer and everything was fixed. dooo it.

  4. Initially it did not work until I realized that I had more than one folder. Once I removed all the files, viola! Thx for the help.

  5. Thank you so much!! this worked!!!

  6. Hi thank you for making this answer!! I have done everything EXCEPT when I opened up the folder I looked in two folders and could not find the SafeBrowsing.db file I there something more I can do? because the warning is still there.


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