Tuesday, March 4, 2014

App to Learn How to Draw Everything On Your iOS Device From YouTube

Wanna learn how to draw a cat? Or a Alien? Maybe a Dinosaur!? Whatever you want to learn to draw, there's probably a YouTube video on that. The following app has entered the search term for you, and has categorized heaps of topics.

The app is called, How to Draw Everything FREE! Easy Drawing Lessons & Art Ideas From YouTube How To Videos by Michael Quach.

The app is all about learning to draw from videos on YouTube. What do you need this app for? That's a very good question. As all this app appears to be is a categorized, YouTube, with a banner advertisement. Which I believe is actually against YouTube's policies (Section 4.D), Because this app does not contain any real content of it's own to justify an advertisement.  

To say something positive about this app... it uses iOS 7's design, so it matches the system UI. The videos are all sorted - good for if you don't know what you want to search for. It's free, of course it is! That's about it...

So in conclusion, YouTube has a lot of great videos to help teach you how to draw. So go search on YouTube

How to Draw Everything FREE! is available from the App Store for iOS devices (designed for iPhone). 


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