Tuesday, March 4, 2014

An iPhone App That Reminds You To Go To Bed

Sometimes we may get out of our sleeping schedule, or like to stay up a little late, and then feel so tired the next day because we only got a few hours of sleep. Well unless you're a kid, your mom might not be telling you to go to bed anymore. If you need a little help (or a reminder) that instead of being awake watching Letterman, you probably should be asleep, check out the iPhone app, To Bed by Tord Asnes.
To Bed, is a FREE iPhone app that'll remind you to go to sleep. To Bed uses information about your age, and next-morning wake-up times, to determine the best times for you to go to sleep. You get a push notification when you should start getting ready for bed.

Depending on your age, To Bed, recommends around about 7-8 hours of sleep, which seems to be scientifically accurate. You can change the recommend sleep time in the settings, to your own liking.

The look of the app is really... a guess 'fun', or childlike, is a more accurate description. The picture above shows the apps main screen. You'll see the moon, the remaining time until you should head to bed, and the button which looks like a nose to me, is your option button.

From the option button, you can access; Turn Notifications On/Off, Wake Times, & App Settings. On of the main things I don't like about this app is, you can't set sleep reminders for weekends. The app just assumes that everybody can sleep in on weekends. Well unless your five... and even then, kids have weekend activities.

Other than the missing weekend settings and a few graphical glitches in settings, To Bed, is a good app, if you need that little extra push to remind yourself to go to bed.

To Bed is FREE to download, and is available for iOS devices (designed for iPhone). 


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