Sunday, March 2, 2014

94 Degrees - Fun Visual Question & Answer 'Hot & Cold' Game For iPhone, iPad & Android

Ever play that game, when you say, "You're getting warmer... colder... hot...", well there is a fun visual question game available for iOS and Android devices, from developer, Scimob, called 94 Degrees, that uses a similar game play.

The way 94 Degrees works is, you are show an image, and given a something to find, and you must locate 'the answer', by placing pins on the picture, in the place you think is the answer.

As you can see from the image above, there is a human male body, showing all the muscles. In this level, you are told to find the "Pectoral Muscles". If you tap and place the pin near his knee, you get a temperature reading of 23 degrees, (which is cold), in the game the correct answer is always 94 degrees. Say you place the next pin on his abs. You get a reading of 74 degrees. So you can see that you're getting "warmer"to the correct answer. You add another pin a little higher and see that the correct answer is right around their somewhere. Finally you figure out the answer, and place a pin a bit higher on the "Pectoral Muscles" and you win, and move on to the next puzzle/ question.

For guess the correct answer, you get 4 coins.  Coins can be used to buy clues (or "jokers") to the correct answer. Jokers include;
- A Dice, that rolls, then adds the rolled number of pins somewhere on the image. One of the pins in the are correct place.
- A Compass, which will help guide you in the right direction.

Questions are from all sorts of general knowledge categories. You'll get, maps questions, math problems, human anatomy questions, fruit / vegetable questions, sport related questions, animal questions, cards, logos, and so on...  There's hundreds of levels.

You get 50 pins to play with, which recharge over time (or you can buy packs of pins). The free version of the game is very playable, but includes ads. If you upgrade to Premium for US$2.99, You'll get more features like; No Ads, Detailed Statistics, and more...

It's actually quite a fun and addicting game. You won't want to put it down!

94 Degrees is FREE to play, and is available to download on iOS (iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad) and Android devices.


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