Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Those Who From Heaven Came - Alien Theme Clothing Store

Hey everyone! This isn't app/os related ...except that you can view it from your smart devices, so I guess it is in a way!

Just wanted to quickly share with all my readers about a new site that I've opened up. It's called Those Who From Heaven Came. It's a clothing and merchandise store, featuring Alien / UFO themed artwork.

Here are a few pictures of some of the items available in the store.

We have T-shirts, Hoodies, and other clothing items for Men, Women and Kids. There's also cups, stickers and more...

Designs featured in store: "ALIENS!!!", Stars of Orion's Belt with the matching Pyramids, Those Who From Heaven To Earth Came, In Their Image, 1947, Ancient Gods, and more...

And I'm still in the process of adding new items, all the time, so if you like them, check back regularly.

So for all you alien fans, check out the store, I'm sure you'll find a design you like. If you're not a fan of aliens, maybe you know someone who is, or someone who's a fan of Ancient Aliens - share this to them, or better yet, buy them a gift! They'll love it!

Thanks guys!


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