Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Best FREE PokeDex For iPhone and iPod Touch

Pokémon fans! wouldn't it be great to have a full Pokedex for free on your iPhone or iPod Touch? Well if you answered, yes, check out:

PokeDream Dex 

This Pokedex features all the Poke info from the games, and will be your ultimate guide. 

You have your basic information. Descriptions from the Nintendo games. Move lists. Locations. Images of the Pokemon's in the games. Evolutions guide, Abilities, and more....

The Pokedream, Pokedex features 718 Pokemon. I think it may be missing the Mega Evolution Pokemon - that information may be added at a later date.  You can sort by number, or alphabetically. 

The app is designed for iOS 7. The app looks good, and is easy to use. It is advertisement supported and features an ad at the bottom of the screen. 

The app is FREE to download for iOS devices.  Designed for iPhone and iPod Touch. It can work on a iPad, just not natively. 

A great free Pokemon Pokedex. Download PokeDream Dex from the App Store now! 


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