Thursday, February 27, 2014

Make Your Own Flappy Bird Game In 15 Minutes With Simple Drag-And-Drop Tools is helping kids to learn coding by developing their own Flappy Bird game. The creation method,
takes you through a simple "puzzle", drag and drop "code" blocks process to build the game.

The puzzle's for example are like; "The "when Run is clicked" block allows you to run code when your game first starts. Try setting the level speed and flapping to the target."

You can then see a 'set speed block' that you can edit the speed, and drag and drop to the 'When Run is clicked' block.

Then you would test your game, see if you made the right choice, and proceed to the next 'puzzle'.

It's a nice fun way to introduce kids, or adults, to coding. Although, I bet developers wished it was really this easy to make a game!


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