Monday, February 17, 2014

How To Track & Find Out Who Unfollowed You On Twitter Using An iOS App!

It's hard to get people to follow you on Twitter, unless you're a celebrity like Justin Bieber... One popular method is the 'follow back' system. Simply, you follow back everyone who follows you, or everyone who says they'll follow you back. But then after you are following hundreds of Twitter accounts, it's hard to find out when someone unfollows you, and therefore has got a 'free' follower.

But of course there's a app for that! Actually quite a few... and a lot of web services as well. Most of these "Track Your Twitter Unfollowers" services a really spammy, and will force you to tweet, (or will do so on their own), their spam advertisements.

The app I'll mention today that Tracks who follows you and has unfollowed, will allow you to see the info you want, without all the spam. Now, that doesn't mean this app doesn't alert you with with annoying popups asking you to tweet - but you can easily click, "No".

The app is:

Find Unfollowers On Twitter
By Apprizon LLC    

This app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad makes it easy to find out who is following, and not following you back.  Install, and allow access to the Twitter accounts you want to use.

How To Find Out Who Unfollowed Me On Twitter? 

When you open Find Unfollowers, the app will refresh and will show lists of your "New followers" and "Users who unfollowed me".   Tap on a list to see more information, and either follow someone back, or unfollow someone who unfollowed you.

All this information is available in the free version of the app.

How to see who's not following me back on Twitter?

The basic free version lets you see all this information, although you may have to scroll through your following / follower list and check that the labels all right "mutual". Otherwise there is a Pro version of Find Unfollowers and in-app purchases for other premium features.

But if all you want is to see who has recently followed or unfollowed you - the free version will do fine.

Also note - this app won't work for accounts with over 70,000 followers / following.

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Find Unfollowers On Twitter is FREE to download, with a PRO version available, for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices.


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