Saturday, February 22, 2014

How To Mute People's Posts From Instagram, Facebook and Twitter On App Flipboard

Sometimes's you have to follow people on social networks by obligation. Maybe they're family, work/school friends, ect... But they are annoying and you don't want to see their posts in your feeds.

If you use the app, Flipboard, which is like your very own personal digital magazine, you can mute people! If you don't use the app, i recommend you check it out. It really is awesome. It's like a digital newspaper, but with content that actually matters to you.  

Muting someone will hide all their posts (when viewing in Flipboard) without having to un-follow/friend them. They'll never know that you are no longer seeing their annoying pictures or posts - that is, at least until the next time you see them and they ask why you never comment or like there stuff. 

Mute works for all types of social media accounts within Flipboard, like; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... 
To hide someone's posts on Flipboard, follow these steps: 

1. Find a post from the person you want to mute. 
2. Next tap on their profile image.
3. Press the silhouette icon. 
4. Then press 'Mute'.
5. Then confirm. And now they posts will disappear! 

To un-mute someone on Flipboard: 

1. Press the Red Ribbon button.
2. Then tap 'My Flipboard'.
3. Press the Settings gear button.
4. Then 'Settings'.
5. Scroll down to 'Muted Authors'.
6. There you can remove the 'mute'.

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