Sunday, February 9, 2014

How To Get A High Score In 'Flappy Bird'

Flappy Bird by Dong Nguyen, is a extremely annoying game that has somehow become so popular. It features a bird, flying, and dodging pipes that look like they're out of Mario Brothers. It's so annoying because you control the birds flight by tapping the screen. And dodging the pipes is really hard. Don't believe me? Go download the app, like the rest of the world.

Even more annoying than the game itself is, apparently this game earns the creator $50,000 per day, through ad revenue. Oh, I wish I could code apps...

So lets say you've download the Flappy Bird app, and you didn't delete it out of frustration in about 30 seconds. Now you suck at the game - but want a high score for some reason - maybe to show off to your friends. Well the internet has come up with some hacks (of course they have, because who has something better to do than hack Flappy Bird).

This video by YouTube user ohGelato, shows you how to hack the Flappy Bird game using some simple computer software (it does NOT require you to jailbreak your device).

Now you can be proud that you couldn't achieve the score yourself, and had to result to hacking a dumb game!

Flappy Bird is FREE, and available for iOS and Android devices.


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