Monday, February 10, 2014

Flappy Bird is Dead... Send In The Clones! - 5 More "Flappy" Apps

Flappy Bird, the annoying popular game that make $50,000 per day, is dead. The app died sometime yesterday (or today, depending on where you are in the world), supossibly by the pressure of being popular.

But lets no be depressed. Instead, why not download some Flappy Bird clones! I'm not really going to get into detail about these games, because expect them to see very similar to the Flappy Bird game.

By Michal Kacmar

By sungsoo jung

By Burnin Ape

By TapTomic

By Richard Wu

This game actually is a little different. A birds-eye view game. Dodging around... Looks like the word "Flappy" has been added to draw in some attention. 

Know of some more Flappy apps? Add them to the comments!


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