Saturday, February 8, 2014

Currently Free: 'Power Rangers Legends' for iPhone & iPad

The Power Rangers are still going strong, and kicking the butt of evil space alien villains, while learning to work together as a team. The newest series, Power Rangers Super Megaforce, will begin in the USA on February 15th 2014 on Nickelodeon.

To get into the fighting spirit, why not download an app for free? From February 6th, the Power Rangers Legends (by Saban Brands LLC) game for iOS has gone free! (saving of $0.99).

The Legends game starts right back at the beginning, with the original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. You can play as the Green, Pink and unlock the Red Mighty Morphin' Ranger.

Power Rangers Legends features power-ups, weapons, boosts, different gear... that can be bought in the 'store'. And as the the game doesn't really pay out well and they aren't shy about offering you some in-app purchases to get some extra coins, powers and so on. Not a great thing for a supposably kids game.

And this game is not that easy, and can actually be quite hard... Not a great game for the easily frustrated.

The graphics are pretty good, 3D (not the glasses kind), Rangers sounds aren't accurate and are not from the show.

I wish I could say it's a fun, awesome game, but its not. It's too difficult for a kids game. With too many easily available in-app purchases.

But, hey, the game is currently free! So for the retro fans out there, download the game - it's fun for a little nostalgia.

And for fun, here is the original Green Ranger himself, "Tommy", playing the game on a iPhone. Also, if you're a fan of the show - go check out and like, Jason David Frank's Facebook page!

Power Rangers Legends

Available for: iOS (universal).

Price: $0.99, Currently Free (as of Feb 6th 2014).


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