Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Best Unit Converter for iPhone & iPad Gets New iOS 7 Theme Update

A unit converter is a very useful tool. You never know when you might need to know what a temperature in Fahrenheit, is in Celsius. Or what Kilograms is in pounds. Or even currency differences.

The only inbuilt unit converter on a iOS device is Siri. Which works great, but there are some times when you might not be able to speak out loud... So a unit converter app is still a great addition to any iPhone or iPad.  

My favorite unit converter, the one which I think is the best, fastest, and easiest to use is Convert Any Unit - Units & Currency Converter & Calculator By Cider Software LLC, which today was updated to feature a iOS 7 style theme - look and feel.

The new look has kept the same style as the previous version, but flatten it all out, removing the glossy look that went with iOS 6.

Convert Any Unit is great, because in a lot of other unit converters, you spend a lot of time searching through all the different categories and unit types, trying to find the one you're looking for. But when you know which units you want to convert, the easiest way is to just type! That's exactly what this convert does.

All you need to do is type the value, then tap in "From" and start typing the unit type you wish to convert. As you're typing a list of available units will show up. Do the same in the "To" section. Your Results are then shown below. It really is the quickest way to get the answers you need.

Convert Any Unit, has over 5,800 units in 42 categories. It has all the basics with the different categories like; angle, speed, time, data, length, energy, force, power, pressure, temperature, volume and so on... Convert Any Unit also feature currency conversion and a in-built calculator.

You can also favorite and save to the bookmark section, for quick access to frequently used unit conversions.

Convert Any Unit, is available for iOS (designed for iPhone and iPad). There is a FREE version available (which has not yet been updated to the new iOS 7 look) and a Paid version. The paid version is priced at US$3.99, and can be downloaded from the App Store


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