Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Rise Alarm Clock Update - Do Not Install If You're Still Running iOS 6

Rise Alarm Clock by Simple Bots, has received a big update today.  But a warning to iOS 6 users - This app is does not seem compatible, and crashes on start up. Rise did not lock-out iOS 6 devices, so the app will update - but does not work. 

Here are some of the update notes for the new version (4.0.2):

- Large clock dimming / brightness adjustments with recall of dimming level
- Alarm sound preview when setting volume
- Alarm sound level reset on SleepTunes end
- Alarm sound level resets to setting on app opening
- Playing podcasts for SleepTunes and for alarms
- Double tap to top left time sets alarm time to current time
- Double tap to top left time while in other alarms takes you to Quick Alarm 
- Allow audio / songs to continue to play when app opens
- Fixed day of week bug with translation
- Saved Solo from Carbonite
- SleepTunes various fixes, play lag and status hide glitch
- Updates to help battery life
- Removed all Jawas
- Updates / tweaks to interface

Rise Alarm Clock has added a much requested feature of multiple alarms - but this is an additional in-app purchase. The update also sees some little things changed like; when setting an alarm - Rise no longer shows how many hours away the alarm you are setting is.  This new update goes to help Rise become a full-featured alarm clock app.

Rise Alarm Clock is priced at $1.99 (U.S.) and is available for iOS (iPhone, iPad) devices.


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