Friday, January 24, 2014

Play Real People From All Over The World in 'Shark Party Pool' - iPad, iPhone.

Shark Party Pool by Shark Party, is a new fun way to play pool against players from all over the world.

Shark Party Pool features:

- Head to Head - Mode. Verse player from around the world.
- Offline Mode - where you can verse the computer. (Unlocked at Level 4)
- League, leaderboard.
- Chat with opponents.
- Custom name

The game lets you play opponents from around the world. On each move you have a time-limit, to keep the game moving and stop opponents from taking too long to make their move.

Playing games uses a ticket system. You start off with 100 tickets, and can collect more each day. Honestly, this part is the biggest downside to the game. Needing tickets to play, means your limited to how many games you can pay a day - unless, of course you buy gems for real money through in-app purchases.

There is a Offline mode, where you can verse the computer, unlockable once you reach Level 4. This mode still uses the game tickets to play.

There are also in-app purchases available, but they're not essential.

The game is okay. Graphics look good for a birds-eye-view game. The controls and movement of the pool stick can be either a little to slow or too sensitive to move. It could use some adjusting. The music is annoying, but it can be turned off in Settings.

Unfortunately there are a lot of connection and server issues, that ruin the game. I've had the game lose connection, freeze-up multiple times, and opponents drop-out. All with losing your game play tickets. These issues need to be fixed if they want the game to be playable.  With all these issues, the offline version should be playable from the beginning - not a unlockable feature, and offline mode should not use the ticket system.

Shark Party Pool is FREE to download for iOS (iPhone and iPad) devices


  1. The thing is that even in "online mode" you almost always play the computer opponent not a live player.

    That can be easily seen: these online opponents never lag and react very quickly and also always reply to your "chat" messages. Basically you can send them "good luck" message and every time get a reply. Even if the opponent is in the middle of his shot.

    1. Try "8 Ball Pool" by Miniclip. It's a much better game - and the people are real. More info here:


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