Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Parents, Read This Before Handing Your Kid An iPad or iPhone!

"Apple CEO Cook Not Happy About $32.5M FTC Deal: How to Get a Refund if You've Been Bilked by In-App Purchases", "Apple will pay parents £20m over in-app purchases", "Who is responsible for kids and in-app purchases: Apple, developers or parents?", are just some of the recent articles about iOS games and in-app purchases, and the case of kids making up to thousands of dollars worth of bills...

Well who is to blame? Apple? The app developers? Or the parents? -  I say the parents are to blame. You don't just buy technology, and not learn how to use it. You don't just hand a gadget to your kids, who obviously know how to use it better than you do. You don't just download games and give them to your kids, and know nothing about them.

So it comes down to education. Parents often lack education in technology. And I believe it's a lack of trying, or wanting to learn. It's easier to blame Apple for your bills, then taking responsibility for the gadget YOU bought, and the account YOU made, with the bank details YOU entered.

Before you give your kid(s) a iPhone or iPad - to stop any unwanted purchases and charges to your Apple iTunes account, all you need to do is the following:

To Stop Unwanted In-App Purchases Made By Your Kids: 

1. Open the Setting app.

2. Navigate to/and tap General.

3. Tap Restrictions.

4. Then Enable Restrictions.

5. Set up a PIN. Make it something you can remember, that your kids can't guess. This is not the same PIN as a Passcode to unlock the device.

6. Now you can edit the list of everything you can restrict. Switch Off everything you don't want your kids to be able to do. In this case, switch off In-App Purchases.

7. That's it! Now when someone tries to make an in-app purchase, they'll be required to enter the PIN.

Please share this article with your friends (especially if they're parents) to educate them on the subject.


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