Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Awesome iWatch Concept - A Mix Between An iPhone and Nike FuelBand.

Image by: Todd Hamilton. 
The rumors of Apple releasing a 'iWatch', maybe even sometime this year, has left fans and designers really excited. So much that some have even taken the time to come up with concept designs of their own.

For most of these concept designs, it means one thing: That we all will probably be left disappointed with the real thing, by Apple. Well at least, we'll probably think it looks dated, before it's even released.

Because if Apple wants to innovate the watch, I'm sure we're all hoping for something a little more innovative than a iPod Nano on a wrist band.

Now to get everyone's expectations unrealistically high, check out this iWatch Concept by designer, Todd Hamilton.

As Todd points out in his blog post, this design is inspired by Thomas Bogner, who posted a design back in October 2013 of a iWatch, that was a cross-between a Nike FuelBand and the iPhone. Thomas's design however, while looking really cool, had a very fatal flaw; all the writing would be on an angle while wearing the watch. Making reading the device terribly awkward. So Todd over his holidays set out to correct this problem, while adding in his own ideas.

There are more pictures of Todd's design on his blog site. Check it out, and give his blog post a read. I think this design looks pretty cool. However, I'm not sure if the thin screen would be very practical... Sure you can read the time now, press a few buttons, but imagine reading a text message! Maybe a wider version with the same look would be more ideal. Maybe something like the iWatch in this concept video.      


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