Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ring Blaster - Match, Then Blast The Rings Away In Tile-Matching Game - iOS and Android App

Ring Blaster

If you love puzzle games like; Bejeweled, Dots, Jewel Quest, or other matching games, then check out the free iOS and Android game, Ring Blaster.

Ring Blaster is a matching game. You are presented with a grid of 'Rings' and 60 seconds on the clock. Your aim is to match 4 of the rings and then tap on them - to blast them.  You can match them by moving the whole row of rings in either vertical or horizontal directions. When you 'blast' the rings, new rings will take their place.

Ring Blaster also features trophies to achieve, six different music tracks, and options to control the volume levels. The game is also advertisement supported - with at this point no in-app purchase to remove them.  

Ring Blaster is fun to play. And I could see this game becoming addictive, for gamers of this genre.

My criticism, or more so, constructive criticism for Ring Blaster, is with the user interface and gameplay. The game looks old fashion, and even sounds retro. (which could be what they were going for, I'm not sure). I think it could do with some more polish.

In my opinion, colors are too dark, rings are too glossy... The game-play should actually probably be more simple, like the menus... Maybe illuminated rings, in a dark or spacey background...?  I'd also get rid of the over-stylized gradient words...

Ring Blaster is still fairly new to the App Store I think it's off to a good start and can't wait to see how this game may evolve in the future.

Ring Blaster is FREE to play and is available to download for iOS (designed for iPhone & iPad) and Android devices.


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