Friday, January 3, 2014

Mac OS X Tip: How To Remove Apps From Launchpad

Need to remove an application from OS X's Launchpad?  Maybe you deleted an app, but the icon is still there, or you just don't want that app shortcut in Launchpad - whatever the reason, the solution is simple.

On a iOS device you would hold down the app until the icons started to jiggle - you can't do that by holding down on the icon on a Mac, but you can still get them to shake.

To Remove an Application from Launchpad:

1. Open Launchpad (obviously).

2. Hold down the 'Option' Key. The icons will start to jiggle - and the apps that can be removed will have a 'X' button appear on the top left corner of the icon.

3. Press the 'X' on the apps you want to delete.

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