Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Learn How To Use Your iPad with these Instructional Videos!

The iPad has become a hugely popular device. In fact, in Q4 of 2013, Apple sold 14.1 million iPads, alone! iPads, and other tablet devices are fast becoming the first choice for computers in the home. It's so amazing that people of all ages are using these devices. Kids and teens love them, adults love them, and yes, even your old fashion parents - trying to keep 'hip' are coming around, and buying them too.

With all this new technology - there is just one big problem that I see all the time. And I know this because I'm asked all the time by people. They buy an iPad, take it out of the box, switch it on, and then they say, "How do I use this?" Ah! The questions that all the tech-smart members of families hate. I bet either you are the 'tech' guy of your family and friends, or you are the one asking others for the help. Sometimes instead of asking for help, we all should go back to 'school' to master the subject for ourselves.

With all new technology and products, we study and learn how to use them, no matter how old you are. The knowledge (unfortunately) just doesn't get downloaded into our brains. Although there are some 2-3 year olds, that are a little too good at operating iOS devices...

There are two ways to learn: trial and error - and hoping not to mess everything up. Or, by being taught.

There is a lot of great instructional help on the Internet, (this site included), but none are as complete as taking 'a course in iPad'.

iPad Video Lessons, has made a full online video tutorial course, with over 100 videos to watch and learn from. It's like taking a course, but in the comfort of your own home. And you can learn when you feel like it!

Categories feature: All About Your iPad, Web Tips and Tricks, Reading on Your iPad, App Fun & Productivity, Organize Your Photos, Watch Video on Your iPad, and more...

Key features include: 

- Ability to learn at your own pace; you can stop, rewind, and replay videos at your leisure.
- iPad tips and tricks.
- Lifetime Membership
- 24/7 availability. Watch the videos whenever you like.
- Clear, and comprehensive training.

These video lessons would also make a great gift. You could get them for a parent, or a non-tech savvy friend.

At the end of the day (or course), just think how good you'll feel that you invested some time, and learnt how to use a new technology.  And, hey - you never know - you may end up teaching your 'tech friends' a few things they didn't know, they could do on the iPad!

Check out iPad Video Lessons, to read all about it, and watch a sample video. You'll be glad, you did.


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