Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Learn and Practice Geography with Aliens on iOS game - Aliens Abducted!

Aliens Abducted! is such a fun game. You play as a alien who has been abducted from his home planet, right before it's destroyed. You can given the chance to travel the universe with two other aliens, and name the countries of the earth, in some sort of quiz, by guessing from the countries flags and position on the planet.

The quiz is broken down into 32 levels.  There is also a 'free' mode, where you just keep answering until you lose all your lives.  There is also a endless-runner game (unlocked after earning 10 stars); where the alien (you play) has escaped and is on the run trying to escape!

Levels work by the UFO flying around the globe, and stopping at a country. You are given three options of country names and their flags. You must choose the correct country that corresponds with the country the UFO is hovering over. You have 10 seconds to answer and three lives. The longer you take to answer, the less points you earn.

Aliens Abducted! features cool graphics. Annoying sounds, but you can always turn down the volume. 160 countries and flags. A Library, that features information on countries.

There are also, according to the app, new game modes coming soon, including; Math, and Quotes.

Aliens Abducted! is two games in one. Have fun learning, then play some endless-runner game - shooting aliens!

The quiz element of the game is fun. A great way to practice geography, and learn. Aliens Abducted! is great fun for kids, and adults.

Aliens Abducted! is available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad). Priced at $2.99.


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