Monday, January 27, 2014

Free Some Storage Space By Clearing Cache Files of Apps like; Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram on Your iOS Device

Sometimes apps can use up a lot of your storage on your iOS devices. Some apps store temporary files, to make loading quicker. The apps are supposed to manage themselves, but sometimes these temporary files can take up a lot of your storage.

If you want to clear out the cache files of apps like; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, ect... There is only one easy way to do so.

Most apps don't have a internal setting to delete cache files. So, unfortunately the only way to clear the space is to:

1. Delete the app from your device.
2. Re-install the apps from the App Store.

To check how much space certain apps are using on your device:

1. Open 'Settings'
2. Tap 'General'
3. Tap 'Usage'
4. Wait for the list to populate.
5. Under the 'Storage' heading, you can see all your installed apps, and how much space they each use.


  1. its good to know the detailed information regarding IOS application. Thank you for sharing this blog

  2. Great with this article. Moreover, here is another way to clear cache files, cookies, temp files and more on your iPhone


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