Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Create Your Own Photo Book with Template For iBooks Author

Apple's iBooks Author program is a great way to make you own iBooks either for personal or commercial use. iBooks can display your content in great looking interactive layouts. The iBooks Author program can be a little tricky to work out for new users.

A new section of Apps-Reviewed has opened today, and it's all about - templates.  If you're looking to make a Photo iBook, check out this template:

Photo Book template for iBooks Author.

This simplistic, yet nicely designed, Photo Book template is perfect for all sorts of image collections. From capturing your holidays, events, to topical photography, or just about anything else.

The template is completely adjustable and customizable. The template is made to be viewed in the landscape orientation only. You are free to do just about anything with this template. You can edit and adapt. Place you own images and text. Change fonts and colors. Re-arrange layouts. Mix and match parts of the layouts. Copy / duplicate layouts that you want to use and delete those that you do not. Create your own iBooks for personal or commercial use… Only a few catches: 1: You must of course follow the iBooks Author user license. 2: You can not resell the templates. And, 3: If you use any of the placeholder images featured in the template - you must comply with this license.

    The Photo Book template for iBooks Author features: 
    • Over 40 different preset layouts - ready for you to add your images
    • Layouts created for text and images
    • Galleries
    • Images mixed with Videos
    • Photos that can be zoomed in and viewed fullscreen 
    • Landscape orientation only 

    You can buy this Photo Book template for iBooks Author, for only: $5.99 (U.S.). Or as a special offer - for only an extra $5.00 (total $10.99 U.S.), you can buy the template, and get an extra three versions of the same template in different colored layouts, as seen in the pictures below. *Note: Only the 'Dark Gray/Black' template contains the demo placeholder images.  

    Buy Photo Book Template 
    for iBooks Author:

    Photo Book Template (Landscape): 
    'Dark Gray/Black':

    Photo Book Template Pack (Landscape): 
    'Dark Gray/Black' + 'Light Gray/White' 
    + 'Black' + 'White/Black':


    All files are sold as is. No refunds. 

    If you have any questions related to the template file, you can email: appsreviewed@yahoo.com. And I’ll try and answer you as soon as possible. If your questions are about how to use the iBooks Author program, please read the Apple iBooks support site and the iBooks Author - Help, from the Menubar in the program.

    apps-reviewed-templates.blogspot.com is not associated with Apple Inc. 

    Placeholder images used in the template are Creative Common 'CC0 1.0 universal' licensed photos. 


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