Thursday, January 23, 2014

Create Your Wedding iBook Photo Gallery with this Template For iBooks Author

Making a Wedding iBook has never been easier, thanks to Apple's iBooks application. And with this template, it's makes it even easier. Within the preset templates on the iBooks Author program, there is no real good template for adding a lot of photos.

This template on offer, features over 60 different layout designs. From text with pictures, to gallery pages, videos with photos, stack of images style pages, different multiple image layout pages and more...

All the layouts are already set up, ready for you to add in your own images and text. This saves you the time of settings up different layouts, and creating a look for your iBook.

The Wedding Book template for iBooks Author features: 
  • Over 60 different preset layouts - ready for you to add your images, and text.
  • Layouts created for text, images, and videos
  • Galleries
  • Images mixed with Videos
  • Photos that can be zoomed in and viewed full-screen 
  • A Landscape orientation view, only 

All the page layout in this template are completely adjustable and customizable. The template is made to be viewed in the landscape orientation, only. You are free to do just about anything with this template. You can edit and adapt. Place you own images and text. Change fonts and colors. Re-arrange layouts. Mix and match parts of the layouts. Create new pages. Copy / duplicate layouts that you want to use and delete those that you do not. Create your own iBooks for personal or commercial use… For full terms and conditions, click here.

Buy Wedding Book Template 
for iBooks Author:


All files are sold as is. No refunds. 

If you have any questions related to the template file, you can email: And I’ll try and answer you as soon as possible. If your questions are about how to use the iBooks Author program, please read the Apple iBooks support site and the iBooks Author - Help, from the Menubar in the program. is not associated with Apple Inc. 

Placeholder images used in the template are Creative Common 'CC0 1.0 universal' licensed photos. 

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