Friday, January 10, 2014

Classic Game PAC-MAN Is Currently FREE To Download On iOS

The game PAC-MAN by NAMCO BANDAI Games, is an all time classic. Recently, (Jan-9th-2014) the iOS game has gone free! Thanks to being 'Apple's App of the Week'. In the past the PAC-MAN iOS game has had quite a few different prices, from $0.99 to the average price of $5.49. It always seemed like a lot to relive the classic game - so download it now, 'cause it's only for a limited time!

If you've never played a PAC-MAN before, it's an old school game featuring main character, PAC-MAN, who looks like a solid yellow pizza with a piece missing. He's on a maze-grid, eating pellets - while avoiding the colored ghosts. The aim is to eat all the pellets, and and not get caught by the ghosts.

So what does this game offer, you ask? Well you get the old arcade classic. Then there is 8 other mazes that you have a 'Lite' access too. You can buy these maze-grids through an in-app purchase(s), either each, or all together. At the moment their is a 62% off deal, where you can buy all the other mazes for only $2.99.

Settings: There are two control methods. Either Swipe, or Joystick. With swipe, there is options to adjust the sensitivity - which is good, because at first I felt like the game was missing a few of my swipes. You can also swipe anywhere on the screen. With Joystick, you can control the position. Also in settings there is a difficulty option. Options for sounds, and you can play your own music.

The game works in either landscape or portrait mode. It really stays consistent with the 8-bit theme throughout the whole app. There are achievements - if you like that sort of stuff. And yeah - it's a really fun nostalgia feeling playing PAC-MAN all over again.

This version of PAC-MAN is available for iOS (designed for iPhone & iPad). And can be download right now - at the time of this post - for FREE! from the App Store.  (There are also versions available for Android).


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