Thursday, January 2, 2014

Best iOS App Deal of the Day: SoundHound Infinity - FREE

SoundHound ∞ (Infinity) by SoundHound, Inc. is currently FREE to download! SoundHound is a music recognition app that has been download over 150 million times! There are other music identifying apps on the store - but SoundHound has the features those others are missing.

SoundHound (FREE) Vs SoundHound ∞ (PAID):

There are two version of the SoundHound app. A free version, and a paid version called SoundHound ∞.   The only difference between the two version is the free version contains advertisements.

The Features of SoundHound:

SoundHound can identify music.  You can find the information of a song through many ways. From; the music playing in the background to singing and humming a song yourself.

There are also other useful features to SoundHound like:
- LiveLyrics: Read the lyrics to a song in time to the playing track.
- Headlines: Find new artist, listen to free song streams and more...
- SoundHound Player: Play music from your library and read the lyrics in real-time.
- Plus a lot more.

All the features of SoundHound can be read on their app preview page.

Download SoundHound ∞ for iOS (designed for iPhone & iPad) now to save $7.49!
SoundHound is also available for other platforms.


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