Friday, January 3, 2014

Best iOS App Deal of the Day: Chemio - A Student's Chemical Reference

Chemio - A Student's Chemical Reference by AppBit Software, LLC, is my pick for the best gone free app deal of the day!

Chemio is a iPad app, great for students, as the app claims it's, "The most necessary chemical references for students..."

Chemio key features include: 
- Interactive periodic table 
- Solubility table
- Molar mass calculator
- 3D widget to design electron configurations of atom

This app sounds very useful for students, or for anyone really that wants to learn a little more about science. The app has a nice user interface, the election configuration designer looks really cool to play around with. This app is surely on it's way to replace old text books and be a great and useful guide for students. 

Download Chemio now and save $0.99!! If you didn't get to download the app while it's free - there is a Lite, free version you can test out before you buy.   


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