Monday, January 20, 2014

Best Apps To Create Slideshow Videos For Instagram and Facebook

In my search to find the best app to make a video slideshow, that can be saved, and uploaded to Facebook and Instagram, - I have narrowed it down to two apps. It's a Clash of the Apps: Flipagram Vs. Fliptastic.

First app: Flipagram by Cheerful, Inc. With Flipagram you can make either 15 or 30 second slideshow videos. You can select and edit your photos, choose a title, set duration, and background music, either from your iTunes library on your device, or music through the app.

Flipagram's pros are; it's nice interface. It's ease to use. Music is easy to add.

The Cons: No transitions! That images just flash to the next one. This was the one disappointment I had with Flipagram. Add transitions and it'll be the best.

Price: Free.

Available for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android

That's brings us to app number 2: Fliptastic by Ting Tze Chuen. You can create 15 second slideshows for either Instagram, or up to 60 seconds long for other sites like Facebook.

You can choose up to 20 photos. Use the photo editing tools to make sure everything is right. Add background music, and transitions! Make your photos either; cross-fade or slide away, and more if you upgrade to the 'Pro' version.

Pros: Easy to use. Good photo editing tools. Transitions!

Cons: I felt that the interface, while good, just wasn't as great as Flipagram's. And music... bought tracks from your library won't work because it says they're copyright protected. And there are only a few 'tracks' available from the app itself.

Price: Free and Paid (Pro) ($0.99) Versions.

Available for iOS (iPhone and iPad).


The winner between these two apps is... Flipagram. The interface is better. It's easier to use. There's a wide range of music to select from. The only thing that this app needs is some transitions, so the videos will look more like a slideshow.


  1. I see your reasoning, but flipagram hasn't been letting me upload my videos to instagram which is the whole reason I got it :/ boo. Thanks though. Maybe I'll try the other some time.

    1. You could try saving to your Pictures (Camera Roll) app first and then upload to Instagram.

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