Saturday, January 11, 2014

AirDrop Files Between iPhone / iPad and Mac

AirDrop is a new feature from Apple, that was released with iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks. AirDrop allows you to share files between devices linked to the same Wi-Fi network.

However there is some limitations. AirDrop would be a great way to not only send files to someone else, but as a way to move files from your iPhone or iPad to your Mac. Unfortunately, that's the problem.

At this time, AirDrop only works if both devices are either Mac's, or only between devices that are running iOS 7. (iPhone's, iPad's or a iPod Touch). You can't use AirDrop from, for example; an iPhone to a Mac. Why this limitation? I don't know...

So if you want to transfer files between your iOS device and your Mac computer, at this point in time, you'll still have to use a different way. Either by connecting your device to the computer by the cable. Apple's options of iCloud / Photo Stream, or 3rd party services like; Dropbox, Flickr, Copy, ect...

For more information on AirDrop, see these Apple support pages: iPhone support. - Mac Support.


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