Saturday, December 14, 2013

Run As Santa In 'Temple Run 2' Holiday Update! - iOS (iPhone / iPad) & Android

Temple Run 2 by Imangi Studios, would still have to be my favorite endless runner game. It features a wide range of different elements to the track. Fun power-ups like; Super-Speed, Magnet, Shield, and so on... Also one of the reasons I like Temple Run 2 is because the track always changes. Your never running the exact course all the time, the different parts get mixed together to give you a different experience each time.

Recently Temple Run 2 was updated with some great new features, and it's getting to look a lot like Christmas in Temple Run 2, with Santa Claus! Yes, you can now run as Santa. Saint Nicholas can be bought for 60 gems, and he is available in the store for a limited time.

Also apart of the holiday update, Santa Hats for other players! You can unlock a Santa Hat, by finding five different Christmas items, in the game. What is annoying with this is, items can repeat, so you may be searching for those 5 different items for awhile.

One more big part of the update is; they've added a water-slide! As you can see in the image above, now not only are you running on terrain, now you must also get a little wet.

Temple Run 2 is FREE to download, contains in-app purchases, and is available for your iOS (designed for iPhone & iPad) and Android devices.


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