Sunday, December 8, 2013

Rail Rush Game Updated With Christmas Themed "Snow Land" World - iOS & Android

Rail Rush

Rail Rush by gets Christmassy in a new update! The update includes; new world "Snow Land", a new hero; "Santa Claus", Christmas themed music and game menus. 

Rail Rush is a runner style game, which is basically a game where there is essentially no-end and you're doomed to fail at some point.  You play as a character riding in a cart on rail-tracks, dodging obstacles and collecting items, for as long as you can go...

The game uses your devices accelerometers and touch screen controls to move around. In the latest update, there's a new Christmas themed world added; Snow Land. It's filled with Christmas themed items and decorations. With falling christmas trees to collecting christmas ball ornaments.

There is also a new character added to the game; Santa! But don't get too excited, you'll have to buy him for 25,000 gold.

Rail Rush is FREE to download and available for iOS (designed for iPhone & iPad) and Android devices.


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