Monday, December 23, 2013

New Samsung Galaxy Gear Ad - Act Like A Stalker, Get The Girl! - [Video]

The new Samsung Galaxy Gear advertisement is kind of creepy. The ad features main character, Jack, competing for a girl, Aimee's attention on a ski lift.

Jack takes a phone call on his Galaxy Gear, then afterwards asks Aimee to say her number out loud, (so he's Galaxy Gear can save it). Then he shows off by calling her, by simply asking the watch to "call" - meanwhile the other guy drops his phone - because, you know, it's so hard to hold a phone.

Jack, then creepily takes pictures and video of Aimee while they are snowboarding, and shows them off to Aimee - who doesn't seems to mind, at all.

Jack, then manages to bump into her at a club, and show off his watch a little more, while the other guy, also there - again keeps dropping things. Maybe because Samsung phones are so huge, and hard to hold - I'm not sure...

So what I'm getting for this ad is - if you want to get a girl - hit on her - bluntly ask for her number - takes creepy shots of her - stalk her - act like a jerk - keep showing off functions of your Samsung Galaxy Gear watch - and she will fall in love with you.

Thanks, Samsung!

By the way - don't try this in real life - you will get arrested, and a restraining order placed against you.


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