Saturday, December 7, 2013

How To Remove 'Google Search' From Chrome's New Tab Page

In October, Google rolled out a updated release to their browser Chrome, that include the Google Search logo and bar on the New Tab page, with most visited pages thumbnails below. Some people may think that this makes it easier to search, but not really - it's just redundant, because you could always search from the address bar!

The old version of the New Tab Page, had big buttons for your installed applications. Now to access these, it's another press away from the top corner...

Luckily if your one of people who don't like the big Google Search Bar on your New Tab page, you can easily revert back to the older version.

Revert back To Google Chrome's Old New Tab Page:

1. Type into the address bar: chrome://flags/

2. Scroll down and find, "Enable Instant Extended API."

3. Click the drop-down box and change select, "Disabled".

4. Click the "Relaunch Chrome" button, or close Chrome, and restart.

5. When you re-open Chrome, you should see the old New Tab page, with your installed Apps.


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