Tuesday, December 3, 2013

[How To] Chrome Extension Allows You To Search Google Hands Free With Only Voice - Mac / PC

Google has released an extension for their Chrome web browser that enables users to search the web by only using their voice.

There is no typing or pressing buttons necessary, just say "Okay, Google", and then ask your question /search phrase. 

The extension works by using your computers microphone to listen for the hotword.  The voice search works only from the google.com webpage. 

Personally I think this feature is both cool and kind of stupid. Yes, you can search the web with your voice... You can ask Google a question without typing it... But, firstly; this involves Google using your microphone constantly to listen for the phrase. Also it means you are now actually talking to a computer. Still a little weird. And the other problem is, okay you searched without typing and the page loads. Then what? Unless you ask a question that can be answered by Google talking back to you or are setting reminders, your still going to have to use your mouse or trackpad and go through the search results, click links and what not, yourself... And you could already search Google by voice by just pressing the microphone button in the search field, anyway.

How To Install Google Voice Search Hotword Extension To Chrome on Mac or PC:

- Simply click this link: Google Voice Search Hotword
- Install the extension and give permission to use your microphone.
- Then on the Google Search page simply say, "Ok, Google" and then your search question...


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